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To receive pricing information and further visitor details for day and overnight accommodations, birding, and entomology visits, please use the "PLAN YOUR VISIT" link below:

This link will direct you to a form where you can provide your name and email address and select your desired visit type. Once submitted, you will receive an email with the requested information and instructions on how to proceed with your reservation. Thank you for considering The Rs Farm for your upcoming visit!


For prices, and further visitor information for day and overnight accomadations please  use the  PLAN YOUR VISIT link

Mailing  Address:

84A Yarrowkabra

Soesdyke-Linden Highway

Guyana, South America




592 644 6693

592 695 7075

592 614 0516

WhatsApp: 347 200 9410

Facebook: Send Message 

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From Cheddi Jagan International Airport (GEO)

via E Bank Public Rd to Soesdyke Linden Hwy:

36 min (25 km)

From Georgetown to The Rs Farm

via E Bank Public Rd:

1 hr 8 min (50 km)

1. Navigate to the East Bank road.
2. Turn onto Soesdyke Linden Hwy
3. After passing the 2nd creek, look for Banks sign at the top of the hill on the right. Approx 150 feet from the sign TURN Left on to Mission Trail Road
4. Slight left ( follow curve of the paved road). 
5. Turn right at 2nd right onto the paved road. Follow road (even after it is no longer paved) to corner property with blue & black fence and blue roof on the right.
6. Turn right at that trail. Take trail to the end
7. Turn left. Continue for approximately 2.5 miles. Going down the valley and over the creek.

8.Continue straight ahead until you see signs for The RS FARM
9. Follow Signs to arrive at location: The Rs Farm

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