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THE Rs Farm Retreat 

We offer delightful land and water activities that showcase the natural beauty of our sanctuary in the white sand forest with creek located on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway in beautiful Yarrowkabra, Guyana, South America​

Lunch caught close to The Rs Farm
Beautiful butterfly at The Rs Farm, _#bu
Hinckson clan enjoying the creek at The
Sunrise at The R's Farm
Guided #NatureWalk with #thersfarm _#int
Fireside curry duck from at The R's Farm
#BoxingDayWalk__#hikingGuyana #🇬🇾_#out
Birdwatching at the farm

We believe that food taste better when cooked and eaten outdoors. Our outdoor cooking area is equipped with a fire pit, BBQ, dutch oven, and grilling with charcoal and wood. Duck, fowl, and provisions available on site.


We invite you to get outside. Our hikes and nature-walks range from easy walking trails around our farm areas to more challenging hikes through the sand forest and Savanna.

When we ask them, "why hike?" our hikers tell us that they come to stay physically active, potentially lose weight, reduce heart disease, decrease hypertension, slow the aging process, reduce stress, and spend time with family and friends. 

Our walkers tend to be here primarily to enjoy nature and engage in lung cleansing. They tend to focus on flora and fauna viewed up close-up. 


Drafts, Marble games, Darts, Volleyball, Soccer

Water/aqua volleyball. Seasaw, Swing, etc,

Activity Wall (Rope, Climbing Wall, and Cargo Net) 


From early morning to late evening the birds abound at The Rs Farm. Professional birdwatchers, birding tours and armatures alike are drawn by the quantity and variety of birds here. 


Sun rise and sunset are spectacular and special times. Moonlit nights are perfect for our night walks while the new moon is a great time for sky gazing. Visitors use handy apps on mobile devices to identify the gems in the sky


Areas for wading and swimming. we invite you to soak in the nutrient water of the blackwater creek. Diving is not allowed. but we do welcome paddling. Seats are also available at the creek.


Contact us for details

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