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The Rs Farm

Agri-Eco Retreat


​The Rs Farm, an Agri-Eco Retreat, is the home of culinary herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the white sand forest, on the scenic Soesdyke-Linden Highway, in Guyana, South America.  

Our mission is to provide relaxation, rejuvenation, retreat, research, and renewal opportunities.

We are committed to growing and sourcing the freshest, most nutritious, astoundingly diverse array of locally grown food. Our fruits, vegetables, culinary herbs, and fowls are grown in an integrated farming environment in which we try to be as organic as possible while we blend in conventional practices. In addition, we work with local farmers to promote and provide fresh local produce.

We partner with local educators from preschool through high school to provide access to spaces where children can learn about nature and agriculture. Internship, externship, and volunteer opportunities are available for secondary and tertiary level students. 


Our home is a quiet and secluded place where one can rest and relax for a day or overnight stay. Overnight guests will have the choice of staying in one of our en suite cabins or camp area. We can also accommodate groups for intimate family and organization outings. In addition, our corporate guests enjoy team-building events, activities, and games.

Preserving the natural environment and providing habitat for wildlife is a source of pride for us. 


Plan Your Visit

Plan your visit to The RS Farm and embark on a journey of sustainable living and authentic Guyanese experiences. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat, an educational adventure, or a community event, our farm offers something special for everyone. Plan your stay or learn more about our offerings by visiting our booking page to receive details by email.

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We are sustainable farmers with a deep respect for nature.

A former pineapple producer is now a diverse farm supplying a variety of great-tasting, fresh local produce. Our sustainable practices protect the environment while encouraging pollinators and beneficial insects to thrive. We strive to ensure the welfare of the animals and forests with whom we share this space. We sell our products directly to consumers. 

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Our rustic retreat in beautiful Guyana is the perfect space to chill and be still. Guests are encouraged to immerse the five senses and reconnect with nature. Enjoy the calming shades of green. Inhale the aroma of the sand forest. Listen to the sounds of nature from the birdsong to the wind through the trees. Take a dip in the creek. Walk the nature trails. Share a bush-cook or eat a picnic meal. Early morning and evening are a true birder's paradise. Coming October 2021: Overnight in one of our cabins or pitch a tent in the camping area. Test your endurance on The Activity Wall. Our retreat is a place of joy, rest, relaxation, renewal, and rejuvenation. Ideal for corporate events, individual and family staycation, or holistay.

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