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Duka Berry

The birds love it and so do we!!

The ripe berries make a nice addition to morning cereal or smoothie.

More information from 'Medicinal Plants of the Guianas (Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana) by Department of Botany PDF, Smithsonian Institution : "Tapiriria guianensis Aublet

NAMES: FG Creole: #mombinblanc, #mombinfaux, #mombin fou. FG #Wayapi: #tatapilili. Guyana: duka. Guyana #Akawaio: #makarin. Guyana and Surinam #Arawak: #warimia. Guyana Carib: #atapereri, #atapiriri. Surinam: #anoemalatti, #djedoe, #doka, krassi pi man krappa, witte hoedoe. Surinam Arawak: doeka, dokka, warimia, warimia balli. Surinam Carib: ana-akara, ata-apiriri, atapiriri, duka, masse, saprieran, tamoene-nooitjano-atapiriri, tapiriri. FG Carib: tapiriri. Surinam Creole: witi-oedoe. Surinam Saramaccan: basa mope, dan lieba, danliba, djedoe, matawarie nenge, matawarie


USES: Stem: Yields an abundant oleoresin fluid which is recommended in French Guiana for syphilitic ulcers. Finely ground bark is ingested for children's thrush; bark decoction used as a fever bath; bark infusion for washing ulcers; inner bark used to dress cuts and sores, and to treat

snakebite. Bark used in treatment of sores and for wounds/cuts in NW Guyana. Part unspecified: For a purgative.

NOTES: The Taiwano of Colombia prepare a tea from the flowers, which is used by elderly persons experiencing painful urination"

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