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Walking the Bromeliad trail

"We are rooted to the air through our lungs and to the soil through our stomachs. We are walking trees and floating plants" ~ John Burroughs, American Naturalist

In January 2018 we walked, what was then the newly cut and christened, Bromeliad trail. This space invited silence as we walked. It was truly an opportunity to observe nature at work.


As the name implies, wild Bromeliads are prevalent along this route.


This plant is the ultimate survivor.


It is said that Bromeliads have been around for over 30 million years. They grow in both the soil of the forest floor and high in the trees.


This route is less than a mile and offers ample opportunities for bird-watching, noticing wildlife and enjoying the forest atmosphere.

Prepare for your walk. While this is a short walk we recommend taking it slow. There is a lot to see and hear. It is easy to miss something spectacular. Cameras are fine as long as you refrain from flash photography. Be sure not to get so caught up in the right shot that you miss the experience. Here are our top tips and must haves for this walk.


Apply repellent before entering the trail. Bug spray, creams and oils are always a good idea when venturing into the forest.


Consider your clothing and shoes. Think light weight, breathable and sleeves. Closed shoes, preferably with thick soles and waterproof. This is not the space for slippers and flip-flops. A light rain poncho is recommended for sudden downpours.


A waterproof bag or backpack for anything you'd like to carry (the less the better). A bag for trash. Carry-in, carry-out, leave no trash behind.


Light snacks

Did we mention Water?


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