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Yellow Poui

A giant among the woody plants of the Genus Tabebuia and family Bignoniaceae, the poui comes in yellow, pink and white. The trumpet flowers clustered together demand our attention and adoration.

“When the Poui blossoms appear, exams are near.” ~ Trini people.

The Poui trees at The Rs Farm and in surrounding forest are appreciated for their beauty and shade.

We leave you with this interesting information we learned from Costa Rica. Please keep in mind that this tree is toxic and this information is not intended as medical advice.

"Preparations of the bark of the tree are consumed to eliminate intestinal parasites, malaria and uterine cancer. A decoction of the bark is recommended for anemia and constipation. A decoction of the flowers, leaves and roots has been used to reduce fevers and pain, cause sweating, to treat tonsil inflammation and various other disorders." ~ Hernan Rodriguez Navas. 2007. La Utilidad de las Plantas Medicinales en Costa Rica. EUNA, Heredia, Costa Rica. 213pp.

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