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Beyond Tangerines: Discovering the 'Portugal' Orange 🍊

Here at The Rs Farm, we can never have too many citrus varieties and were lucky to be gifted the 'Portugal' fruit to our collection. Known in various tongues as Trinidad Portugal, Puttigal, or simply 'Portugal,' this seedless citrus was added by an intern to our family of fruit trees. Its pronunciation varies, with some saying "Port-uh-gal" and others opting for "Putt-ee-gal" or even "Pat-ee-gal," showcasing the fruit's cultural journey and the Trinbagonian flavor of its names.

Understanding the 'Portugal'

The 'Portugal' is a hybrid, a delightful cross-pollination of a mandarin orange and an orange. It is adorned with a bright orange rind with a waxy sheen and segmented by white fibers into juicy wedges. These trees flourish under the sun's warm embrace, which nurtures their growth, defines their vibrant color, and sharpens their sweet, tangy flavor.

Partially peeled portugal Fruit
Portugal’s have a bright orange outer rind that has a waxy coating over it. Inside, the fruit is a lighter orange in color with white fibers separating the fleshy parts into wedges consisting of seven to fourteen moderately-juicy segments.

Global Growth and Seasonal Joy

This citrus treasure, while a newcomer to our farm, has roots stretching across the Caribbean, the sun-drenched regions of Spain, Morocco, and North Africa, down to the warmer climes of South Africa and across to Chile, as well as flourishing in parts of the United States like Florida and California. In Trinidad and Tobago, where our own 'Portugal' trees originated, the fruit is a seasonal celebration, eagerly anticipated and savored from November through January, earning it the affectionate nickname "Christmas Oranges."

Young portugals or Clementine
Portugals or Clementine at the Rs Farm

The Rs Farm's Approach

Cultivating the 'Portugal', our local tangerines, and the other citrus at The Rs Farm is done with the utmost respect for natural processes. We ensure that the trees are grown in an environment that aids their development. By nurturing them in line with our sustainability and organic farming ethos, we aim to bring out the best in their flavor and nutritional content, which includes an abundance of vitamin C and antioxidants. Hear more from Royston about our tangerines.

peeled portugal woth segments removed
Peeled and ready to eat

Culinary Celebrations and Health Benefits

Beyond its refreshing taste, the 'Portugal' fruit boasts versatility, making it a star in the kitchen. From a burst of citrus in a morning smoothie to a sweet, tangy addition to festive dishes, the 'Portugal' inspires a variety of culinary creations, including juices, salads, and desserts. Its health benefits align with our goals at The Rs Farm, where wellness and natural living are at the core of our retreat.

Thank you to the White family who donated these trees to the Rs Farm. As the 'Portugal' trees mature on our land, they symbolize our ongoing exploration of diverse agricultural practices, our connection to global traditions, and our contribution to eco-friendly living. We look forward to sharing the bounty of the 'Portugal' with visitors and locals alike, celebrating the rich tapestry of flavors that nature provides and the shared joy of 'Christmas Oranges' at our tropical retreat.

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