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Governor Plum

Spondias purpurea aka Governor Plum or Red Mombin, is another member of the cashew family which grows in Guyana. Plum season is usually May through July, just in time for exam season and the start of the August/Summer holidays.

Hog Plum, Golden Apple, and the regular green/yellow plum are all members of this fruit tribe. The fruit can be eaten fresh, stewed with sugar, amchar and garam masala. We're always eager to try a new chow or pickle to snack on. While labor intensive the juice is an absolute must and welcomed addition to our juice bar. It is our understanding that the young leaves can be eaten raw or cooked and we're eager to give them a try in a salad or stir-fry.

Medicinally the fruits are said to be "diuretic and antispasmodic, commonly used as an antihistaminic and the extract from the bark is used for stomach upset such as dysentery"(Lozano et al., 2014; Hopkins and Stepp, 2012).

There are a lot of fruit trees in Guyana that are unknown to most of us unless a family member or neighbor has a tree in their yard. Governor Plum is a fruit I never heard of but am excited to have at The Rs Farm. We are on a mission to have as many local fruit trees as possible to share with our visitors. Of course we are partial to those that are native to Yarrowkabra and thrive in the conditions found on the highway.

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