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Surinam Cherry

Surinam cherry ( E. uniflora L.) is also called Brazil or Brazilian cherry, Cayenne cherry, pitanga, Florida cherry, cereza de cayena; pendanga (Venezuela) guinda (El Salvador) ñanga-piré (Argentina), cereza quadrada  (Colombia) cerese à côtes or cerises-cotes (Martinique et Guadeloupe) cerise de Cayenne (French Guiana), cerise de pays, or cerise carée and  Surinaamsche kersh, zoete kers, or monkie monkie kersie (Suriname).

The ripe fruit is enjoyed raw as other cherries. They can be pureed to make fresh juice, custard pudding, ice cream, pie, a sauce or preserved whole in syrup. The cherries are also used to make jelly, relish or pickles. It may also be added to pepper jelly and pepper sauce. In Brazil it is frequently fermented into vinegar or wine.

The leaves release a strong smelling oil which repels flies. The tannin rich bark of the tree can be used for treating leather. 

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