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West Indian Cherry

Known as Acerola, Barbados cherry, West Indian cherry, Wild crepe myrtle and Red cherry. Malpighia emarginata and Malpighia glabra are both used in publications describing this tropical shrub.

At The Rs Farm our 100+ West Indian cherry trees delight in the dry, sandy soil and full sun.  In addition to Acerola we also have Suriname Cherries. 

While this cherry is renowned for its vitamin C content the immature green cherries actually have twice the vitamin C than the fully-grown red. 

Barbados cherries are mainly eaten out-of-hand or pureed for a fresh juice, punch or sorbet. The fruit may also be used in wine, jam, jelly pudding, ice cream, gelatin treats or as a cake topping. The fresh juice will prevent darkening of bananas and apples sliced for fruit platters or salads.

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